Big Bang Science Shows

Big Bang Education Shows at Rocky Show

Science Shows that will blow your socks off! 

Get ready for an explosive experience with our Big Bang Science Show! Witness mind-blowing chemical reactions that will leave you in awe, as we ignite a fiery display of combustion that's sure to leave you breathless. You won't believe your eyes when you see the incredible power of dry ice in action, creating an otherworldly spectacle that's simply unforgettable. And don't miss our grand finale – the legendary Elephants Toothpaste experiment, where we create a towering eruption of foam that's sure to leave you cheering for more! With our Big Bang Science Show, you'll discover the incredible power of chemistry and experience the thrill of scientific discovery firsthand. So, buckle up, and get ready for a wild ride that's sure to blow your mind!

PLUS don't miss the free Science Creations Lab 

Let's get hands-on with science! Our workshops let kids of all ages become scientists for a day. They'll mix, build, and create their very own science experiments to take home. Whether it's crafting fluffy slime, concocting fizzy sherbet, or designing UV-detecting bracelets that are just plain cool, it's all about sparking creativity and learning through play. Drop in anytime and ignite the junior scientist within!