Paddock to Plate - Where Your Food Comes From

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Discover where your food comes from with a "Paddock to Plate" presentation by CQ Organics.  After this session you will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the journey from the farm to your table. 

This initiative connects you to local farmers and their sustainable practices, fostering transparency and trust in the food supply chain. Support local agriculture, make informed choices, and appreciate the journey from farm to table.


Robert Schwarten Pavilion.


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About CQ Organics & Mick Alexander 

Mick Alexander is a farmer and food producer first and a highly sought after agricultural consultant and educator second. Mick and his wife Noela run CQ Organics on Bindaree, a commercial cattle operation in the Garnant area, 40km from Rockhampton on the Fitzroy River. You may even be eating their wonderful organic beef as they are the only local beef producers who supply it back to families in the region on a regular basis since 2017.

Mick has a wealth of knowledge regarding soils, microbes, pastures, rotational grazing, soil carbon and managing water. Bindaree was the first property in Queensland to be tested for soil carbon in 2016. His goal for their soils, pastures animals and humans are to concentrate on mineral balance to ensure maximum health.

Mick practices rotational grazing with mobs being moved according to pasture requirements and rainfall. He has utilised his own skills and the knowledge of many other specialists such as Peter Andrews to transform Bindaree into an exciting vibrant property that produces clean ethical products.