Showgirl Award


The Rockhampton Agricultural Show competitions are a showcase of the amazing products and talents of our Central Queensland residents. 

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The Showgirl Award is understanding the need to recognise and develop our young female leaders in order for them to continue to grow and give back to their communities. The program is now open to young women of 18 to 28 years of age, there are no other restrictions of entry. 

The Showgirl Awards is an excellent opportunity for young women to become more involved in their local agricultural show and community.

Being a Showgirl means being involved in the Rockhampton Agricultural Show; creating relationships and networking with those in the industry, presenting sashes and prizes, participation in the Grand Parade, Awards Night and assisting with the following years competition.

Key dates

Applications close: 13th May 2024 midnight

Applications reviewed: 14th May 2024

Entrants notified: 14th May 2024

Judges Award Night: To be confirmed

Stocklands pop up: To be confirmed 

Rockhampton Agricultural Show: 12th - 14th June 2024


Prize Money

  • Winner - $1000
  • Runner Up - $500 (cash and prizes)

To enter please submit the application form below to, or for any questions or queries you can phone the Show office on 07 4936 8800.

If you are unable to nominate using the paper version, please complete the online form.


Over the past 40 years, the Queensland Showgirl Awards has gained a significant profile and is recognised for its role in developing young female leaders and shaping them into women of influence in their local or wider communities.

The Queensland Country Life Showgirl Awards are hosted at all levels of the agricultural show movement in Queensland – at a local level, a regional (Sub-Chamber) level, and a State level coinciding with the Royal Queensland Show in August.



Open to young women of 18 to 28 years of age who have a close affiliation with a Queensland Agricultural Show. There are no other restrictions of entry to the Awards program.


Centred For Success


The following is a brief timeline of the process once you have decided to nominate for your local Showgirl competition, through to Sub Chamber Finals and State Finals:

  • The Showgirl at a local level is selected in accordance with judging criteria. Some Show Societies have the private judging prior to or on the day of their show with the announcement taking place during the show.

  • The Showgirl will be expected to perform a range of duties at their local show. These duties include but not limited to;  presenting prizes, assisting a section, participating in Grand Parade. 

  • The Showgirl retains the role for one year until the next Show and could perform various tasks throughout the year which include assisting at other events hosted by the Show Society and assisting in organising the next Showgirl Competition. 

  • Following an entrant’s success at their local Show, the Showgirl then goes on to a Sub Chamber Judging. Each local Show Society is a member of one of 11 Sub Chambers who come under parent the organisation of the Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies (QLD Ag Shows).

  • The Sub Chamber winner will then go on to the State Final for the Queensland Showgirl Awards, which is conducted by the QLD Ag Shows State Showgirl Committee.


The entrants are judged in accordance with ‘Queensland Country Life Showgirl Awards Judging Sheet’ and total points are out of a total of 100 points:

15 Points  Ambitions and Goals (Personal, Professional & Community)
15 Points      General Knowledge (Local, State, National, International)
10 Points Agricultural industry awareness including how agricultural challenges affect our communities
15 Points Agricultural Show awareness and commitment
15 Point Community Participation
15 Points Personal Presentation & Leadership Qualities (Presentation/Conversation/Engagement with others)
15 Points On Stage interview (Public Speaking, Presentation, Confidence & Interview Responses)