Vector Management


Presented by Rockhampton Regional Council

Vector Management

The Rockhampton Region has a temperate climate and is bounded by mountains, with rolling melon hole plains containing numerous low lying swamps and lagoons. The Fitzroy River, one of the largest river systems in the southern hemisphere, with the barrage separating salt and fresh water. Following rain and tidal inundation these factors contribute to ideal breeding sites for many species of mosquitoes.

Rats and mice are well adapted to living in close association with humans and are a risk to the health of the community. Their presence is undesirable due to their ability to physically damage structures and furnishings, spoil and contaminate food causing food poisoning and transmit diseases to humans including the plague, dysentery, leptospirosis and typhus fever.  

The Vector Management Unit at Rockhampton Regional Council monitors and controls mosquitoes, rats and mice, biting midges (sandflies) and flies.These animals are vectors of disease or impact on human health, lifestyle and amenity.

Join the experts in Vector Management for this fun filled presentation on vermin control. Keep your spaces vermin-free with practical and sustainable practices to help protect the health, lifestyle and welfare of the Rockhampton Regional Council communities from the effects of vectors. 


Robert Schwarten Pavilion.


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