Native Plants Queensland


Native plants are essential for ecosystem health, supporting biodiversity and providing habitat for wildlife. Not only do they provide food and shelter for wildlife, they give the Region its unique character and provide a cooler and more attractive environment for us to live in. 

The Rockhampton Region has an amazing range of plants, spread from many different ecosystems, from the National Park on the Berserker ranges to the wetlands and the mangroves along the Fitzroy River to the amazing Struck Oil area and inland beyond.

The Rockhampton Branch of 'Native Plants Queensland' has gathered for meetings and field trips every month for the past 50 years! While several new species of plants have been discovered, members specialise in the identification of the plants. 

Plants with outstanding flowers are brought into cultivation, such as the endangered Struck Oil Myrtle that now has pride of place outside the office at the National Botanic Gardens, Canberra.

We receive enquiries from many Rockhampton gardeners, schools, land care groups and businesses wanting to celebrate the unique nature of the Region by establishing gardens of locally-native plants for many purposes such as Bush Foods and to attract Butterflies, Birds and overall biodiversity. Join Neil Hoy from Native Plants Queensland as we explore the beauty and significance of these plants.


Robert Schwarten Pavilion.


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