Composting Workshops

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Composting Workshops

Explore the art of Mixing, Testing, Using, and Sharing compost and learn how to mix your own compost with local composting guru Ken Mason. Ken is a local Biodynamic farmer with immense knowledge and experience in making composts that will support food growth on your own property. This workshop will provide a thorough explanation and demonstration on how to set up a backyard compost system for both small and large properties.

Witness a wheelbarrow demonstration and observe the layers of compost up close. It’s also your chance to ask questions about composting and how to compost effectively. Take away valuable insights and practical tips with fridge flyers detailing composting dos and don'ts. Plus, stand a chance to win a small kitchen compost bin to kickstart your composting journey!


Robert Schwarten Pavilion.


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About Thrive Essentials

Thrive Essentials Grassroots Workshops are designed specifically to inspire change in our environment and how to care for it. They aim to increase a community’s level of sustainability, creating positive outcomes for attendees across environmental topics including composting and worm farming.