Animal Assisted Learning – Dusty Boots


Dusty Boots is situated in Bouldercombe on 2.5 acres with views of the Mount Morgan ranges. This picturesque vista is the backdrop for Dusty Boots sessions. The Dusty Boots team consists of Linda, who is a registered counsellor and certified Equine Assisted Learning facilitator, her two horses (Zaldi and Prince) and her three dogs (Bandit, Smokey and Sally).

Dusty Boots Equine Assisted Learning can help children and adults gain new skills to help them live their lives in a Calm State with Awareness by learning The Way of the Horse. Dusty Boots experiential learning program is designed to help young people build resilience, confidence and emotional regulation skills.

Dusty Boots is all about getting outside in nature with animals for experiential learning and offers three programs for participants:

  • The Horses Helping Humans program offers students the opportunity to improve their communication skills using effective body language and learn about the different personalities.
  • The Paws 4 Change program offers students the chance to experience the loving companionship of a dog while undertaking several exercises with their canine mate designed to improve connection, problem solving and resilience.
  • The Horse Wisdom Program offers participants the opportunity to learn The Way of the Horse in an experiential learning environment.

Robert Schwarten Pavilion.


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